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Need an electric dog fence to keep your dog safe? An Invisible Fence* system can cost almost $2,000. Although, if you do it yourself, you can do it for about $300. Whether you want an underground fence or a wireless fence, check out our comparison page to find the best dog fence for you and your dog.

In-ground Electric Dog Fence

Wireless Dog Fences

If you don't want the hassle of installing an underground invisible or electric dog fence, a wireless dog fence is the best option for you and your dog.

Stay Wireless

In-ground Electric Dog Fence

In-ground Electric Dog Fence

To give your dog the best in both protection and freedom to roam in a large area, an in-ground electric fence gives you the freedom and safety we all want for our dogs.

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Budget Friendly Electric Fences

Budget Friendly Electric Fences

How can I keep my dog safe? How do I keep my dog healthy? How is this possible without spending more time and money than I am willing to?

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Invisible or Electric Dog Fence – In-Ground or Wireless?

A study published by Animal People estimates that 6 million dogs are killed by cars each year. Furthermore, a family pet is lost every two seconds. In the time it takes to read this article, 120 family pets will have run away–a large percentage of these being dogs. With one out of every three pets getting lost in their lifetime, it isn’t a question of whether or not you need an invisible dog fence or an electric dog fence, but what type you need to best protect your family pet.

Are Invisible and Electric Dog Fences Effective?

An electric dog fence is not just effective but is the most effective way to guarantee that your dog stays on your property. The majority of electric dog fences use static correction, auditory signals, or vibration stimuli to warn the dog when he is going out of bounds. According to a study done by the Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior, the static correction collar has an effectiveness rate of 92%, much higher than other forms of correction.

When it comes to providing the leading protection for man’s best friend, electric dog fences are the most effective, affordable option for guaranteeing safety.

What Types of Invisible or Electric Dog Fences Are There?

The two basic kinds of invisible or electric dog fences are wireless dog fences and in-ground dog fences. Each of these has different pros and cons corresponding to your pet’s environment and your regular habits. Comparing these will help you to select the kind which would best fit the safety needs of your pet.


Comparison of Wireless Dog Fence vs In-ground Electric Dog Fence

There are many questions you should ask yourself before attempting to decide which type of electric fence is best for you. While each person’s situation is unique, here are a few of the important questions to ask:

  • Do you need an electric fence for small dogs or big dogs?
  • What sort of property do you have?
  • How often do you travel with your pet?
  • What sort of training are you most comfortable with?

The safety of your pet depends on several things and choosing the right kind of electronic pet containment system is paramount.

Wireless Dog Fence



One of the dangers of taking your pet along on road trips, hunting vacations, or to a family event, is that if you lose hold of your pet’s leash or if he slips his collar, it would be difficult to find him. Moreover, it would be triply difficult for him to find his way back to you. This is an instance of when a wireless dog fence would be more helpful in setting your pet’s boundaries away from home.

A standard wireless dog fence is composed of a transmitter and collar, both of which are battery-operated. One sets the desired diameter of the circular boundary range and with that the set up is complete. When your pet moves too far away from the transmitter, a warning will be administered in the form of static correction, and he will recognize the familiar “stop” signal and remain within the boundary. This will greatly reduce the risk of your pet wandering off or getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

The maximum boundary (depending on the brand) ranges from diameters of 55 to 124 yards, so it adjusts easily to your needs. If you live on a large piece of land, it might be more prudent to use of of these so that you don’t have to lay an in-ground or underground fence along the entire property perimeter.

Another reason why a wireless electric fence might be best for you is portability. If you are a renter that moves frequently or one that is planning on moving in the near future, you wouldn’t want to go through the effort of installing in-ground or underground electric dog fences for a short stay.

Best Wireless Dog Fences for 2018

FeaturesDISCONTINUED - Havahart Radial-Shape Wireless Dog FenceDISCONTINUED - Havahart Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence for Small DogsPerimeter Technologies Wire-Free WiFi Dog FencePetSafe® PIF-300 Wireless Dog Containment System
Product Imagewireless-dog-fenceHavahart Wireless Small DogPerimeter-Technologies-Wi-Fi-WirelessPetSafe-PIF-300-Review
Quality ReviewQuality Review of the Havahart Radial Wireless FenceQuality Review of the Havahart Radial Wireless Fence for Small DogsQuality Review of the Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi FenceQuality Review of the PetSafe® PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence
Quality RatingQDF 4 StarsQDF 4 StarsQDF 3 StarsQDF 4 Stars
RangeMaximum 400 feet from the transmitter in all directions, 800 feet in diameter; area up to 11 acres
Maximum 400 feet from the transmitter in all directions, 800 feet in diameter; area up to 11 acresMaximum 180 feet from the transmitter in all directions, 360 feet in diameter; area up to 2 ½ acresMaximum 90 feet from the transmitter in all directions, 180 feet in diameter; area ½ acre
Expandable BoundaryNoNoNoYes, with additional PIF-300 transmitters
Number of Dogs Supported222Unlimited
Dog Weight Range8 pounds and up8 pounds and up10 pounds and up8 pounds and up
Collar Neck Size14-26 inches12-17 inches14-26 inches6-28 inches
Correction Levels1 tone-only, 5 static correction levels1 tone-only, 5 static correction levels1 tone-only, 8 static correction levels1 tone-only, 4 static correction levels
Progressive CorrectionNoNoYesNo
Vibration Only SettingsNoNoNoNo
Collar BatteriesRechargeable (lasts 1-3 days)Rechargeable (lasts 1-3 days)Rechargeable (lasts 5-7 days)Replaceable (lasts 1-3 months)
Water ResistanceWeatherproofWeatherproof100% WaterproofWeatherproof
Back-up for TransmitterNoNoYes (lasts up to 8 hours)No
PriceCheck Current Amazon PricingCheck Current Amazon PricingCheck Current Amazon PricingCheck Current Amazon Pricing
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In-ground Dog Fence


On the other hand, if you don’t ever travel with your dog and if you live in an area where your biggest fear is that your dog might chase cars in your own neighborhood, the in-ground or underground dog fence would provide effective protection for your pet. Rather than giving the dog a warning when he gets too far from the central point, this form of electric dog fence is laid on or within the boundaries of your property, usually buried under ground. As your dog approaches the laid perimeter, the collar gives your pet a warning when it gets too close to or steps over the fence.

The advantage of this kind of fence is that it is plugged in directly to a power outlet, instead of being battery-operated. Also, it can be laid into the exact shape of the yard, and your pet can enjoy its full range, rather than being limited to the circle that the wireless transmitter describes. The longest in-ground fences enclose up to 25 acres of property, so these are best for farms or houses on large properties where Spot or Lassie can roam free.


Best In-Ground Dog Fences for 2018

FeaturesInnotek® Basic In-ground Pet Fencing System, SD-2000Elite Little Dog In-ground FencePetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-ground Fence
Product ImageInnotek-invisible-fenceIn-Ground-invisible-dog-fencepetsafe-stubborn-dog-in-ground-fence-review
Quality ReviewQuality Review on the Innotek® Basic In-ground Pet Fencing System, SD-2000Quality Review on the Elite Little Dog In-ground FenceQuality Review on the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-ground Fence
Quality RatingQDF 4 StarsQDF 4 StarsQDF 3 Stars
Range500 feet, area ⅓ acre500-5000 feet, area ⅓ to 25 acres500-5000 feet, area ⅓ to 25 acres
Expandable BoundaryNoYes, not past 5000 feetYes, not past 5000 feet
Number of Dogs SupportedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dog Weight Range10 pounds and up5 pounds and up20 pounds and up
Collar Neck Size8-21 inches6-16 inches6-28 inches
Correction Levels1 tone-only, 1 level of static correction1 tone-only, 4 levels of static correction1 tone-only, 4 levels of static correction
Progressive CorrectionYesYesYes
Vibration Only SettingsNoNoYes
Collar BatteriesReplaceable (last 1-3 months)Replaceable (last 2-3 months)Replaceable (last 3-4 months)
Water ResistanceWeatherproofWeatherproof100% Waterproof
PriceCheck Current Amazon PricingCheck Current Amazon Pricing
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How to Choose the Best Invisible or Electric Fence

There are different kinds of invisible or electric dog fences. Some are more suited to specific needs than others. The top five brands of electric dog fences have their own pros and cons, so select carefully the one that best keeps your pet safe. First, decide whether a wireless dog fence or an in-ground dog fence is the best for your situation.  Then, read the reviews to get more information about which specific product is right for you.

Don’t Become a Statistic

The statistics on pet safety may be discouraging, but they need not be cause for discouragement. By taking the necessary steps to keep your pet within his proper boundaries, you will no longer have to worry unduly about road dangers and you can have more fun with your pet, assured of his safety even when you are not around.


*The Invisible Fence Brand is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation. Quality Dog Fence is not affiliated with Invisible Fence. Invisible Fence denotes one particular brand of electric dog fence available.

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