Black Friday and Cyber Monday Dog Deals

The theme of the 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Dog Deals is safety. There is no better holiday feeling than knowing that everyone around you is near and well. This includes, of course, your furry best friends. The best way to kick off the end of this year and the start of the next is to make sure your dog has everything he needs in order to be safe and happy wherever he goes.

Cyber Monday Dog Deals for Inside the House

Even if the dog seems absolutely safe when contained within the house, there are places in the house that are still dangerous to him. There are also places in the house that your dog is a danger to. One way to keep them separate is to have safety fencing inside the house.


The Regalo 1350DS Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Regalo means “gift” in Spanish and that’s exactly what it is to any dog owner. The waist-high steel fence comes in 8 separate panels, 192 inches long when put together, and encloses an area of 19 square feet. It can be placed against a wall or across a doorway, isolating certain rooms so the dogs cannot get through. The in-built door easily lets you in and out of the dog’s play space.

The Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door With Telescoping Frame

What are the biggest struggles with pet doors? The wind comes in and out through the door, the flaps do not keep the temperature inside the house or they break easily, the dogs accidentally lock themselves outside, and a host of other concerns. With the Ruff-Weather Pet Door, this easy-to-install dog door answers all of those problems.

Since it has two vinyl insulated flaps, the cold (or heat) is left where it should be: on the other side of the door. A sliding door cover keeps the dogs inside when you don’t want them to go out. There is no lock that the dogs can accidentally hit to lock themselves outside.

The High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

This electronic pet door is one of the best sources of security and safety not just for your dog, but for your family as well. An ultrasonic collar around your dog’s neck tells the motorized door when the pet is heading towards it. Only then does the door retract upwards into its casing, letting the dog out. You can lock the door from responding to the collar, and an automatic deadbolt adds security. The dog no longer has to push through a flap to get in or out, and intruders won’t be able to kick open this bulletproof door.

In the Yard

When you bring home your newest family member, you discover a whole bunch of new things about him. For example, you might find out that he is an escape artist, capable of jumping and digging his way out of all possible barriers. That or, every time you open the house or cage door, he takes off like he’s joining the doggy Olympics. With all the dangers out there, of course you want to do everything possible that you can to keep him safe.

The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence

The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape dog fence has the largest area of playspace for any wireless dog fence. With a maximum radius of 400 feet, your dog can have up to 11 acres to run around in. The minimum radius is 40 feet, so the Havahart wireless dog fence can be perfectly adjusted to any size of yard that you have. This wireless dog fence comes with a transmitter you can mount on the wall, a collar receiver, and boundary training flags.


Like all wireless dog fences, it is quick and easy to set up. All you need to do is mount the transmitter near an electrical outlet, plug it in, and set the distance you want. After that, test the receiver collar and put it on your dog. The receiver collar comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, so you can just switch them when needed. Even if you already have a privacy fence, the wireless dog fence is perfect for making sure your escape artist never leaves the yard.

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The Innotek® Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System, SD-2000

Sometimes, your yard needs an electric dog fence that can also guard your flower beds and swimming pool from your curious dog’s searching nose. The Innotek® in-ground dog fence can go around a maximum area of 5 acres, with 2000 feet of wire. It is perfectly customizable, meaning you can lay it into the perfect shape of the yard and around parts that you want to keep your dog away from.

The Innotek® Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System, SD-2000 can be used with any size of dog because the correction starts with a warning beep, and then the static correction increases progressively. With the in-ground dog fence, the boundary blur never goes beyond ½ foot. It can even be used with a privacy fence so he won’t dig under it, jump over it, or dash out the gate when it opens.

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The Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

This wireless dog fence is one of the best out there. The transmitter has a built-in back-up battery system that lasts for 8 hours, in case of electric failure. It also has 8 correction levels, the most of any wireless dog fence. This ensures that you can adjust the correction level to your dog’s exact sensitivity. It has a maximum radius of 180 feet, which gives your dog 2 ½ acres of play space.

The wi-fi does not interfere with the normal internet broadband, since it uses the 802.15 frequency instead of the normal 802.11 frequency. The transmitter also has a screen where you can see where your dog is on the property. The moment he steps out of the property, the transmitter alerts you so you can find him. The best thing about this model is that you can place it high on the property, so the signal reaches over even small bushes and rocky terrain.

While Traveling

When taking your dog on a road trip or to a vacation house, there are so many worries and concerns running through your mind. Is his collar tight enough? Are his tags clear and with all the necessary details? Where is his vaccination card? How will we keep his food and water? Which of his favorite toys will we bring?

The scariest question, however, is this: how will we keep our dog from running off? Pet-friendly motels often have ground-floor rooms near a small yard, and you can always keep your dog tied up. But if you have an escape artist of a dog, or if he’s the active kind who really needs a play-yard to run around in, then you’ll need one of these awesome deals for the Christmas holidays.

The PetSafe® Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300

The PetSafe® Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300 includes one transmitter, one receiver collar, and a set of training flags to mark the boundaries. The wireless yard has a maximum radius of 90 feet, giving your dog at least ½ acre of playspace. It uses a warning beep before static correction (adjustable at 5 different levels) to remind your dog when he is out of bounds.

The PetSafe® PIF-300 is the most portable wireless dog fence because the transmitter is designed so that it can stand on shelves, tables, and basically any flat surface. It does not need to be mounted on a wall to work properly. It is the perfect choice to bring on a road trip, to pet-friendly motels, and to whichever vacation house you end up in.

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The Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

For traveling by road, by air, or by boat, a kennel is a standard requirement to keep your dog safe. The Ultra Vari Pets Kennel has a squeeze lock that is easy to open, side-wall vents so your dog doesn’t suffocate, and grooves in the inside to keep your dog clean and dry. There are holes around the sides, so that the kennel can easily be secured to the travel surface with rope or zip ties. To keep your dog safe and comfortable while traveling, this kennel is a must-have.

The Snoozer Large Dog Car Seat

Road travel requires safe and comfortable traveling not only for you, but for your dogs as well. This large nylon quilted car seat can seat several small dogs, or one large one. Thick foam, made of faux lambs’ wool, ensures your dog or dogs will have a comfortable ride the whole time. A storage tray is built into the car seat, so you can keep all their things in one place where they won’t fly around.

Connection straps attach the whole dogs’ car seat to the seat belts and dog harnesses. The dogs won’t feel the need to run around looking out the window, because the car seat raises them up just enough to see. The Lookout Travel Rack (optional) makes it possible for you to feed and water your dogs in the middle of their travel time.

Keep your holidays enjoyable and stress-free with these not-to-be-missed Cyber Monday dog deals.