What Are the Essentials I Need to Protect My Dog?

Becoming a pet owner is a serious responsibility and needs proper preparation. Dogs are wired to shower you with love, care, and protection; which is something that dog owners ought to give back. While taking care of a dog is a responsibility, it should not take the fun out of it. Your pet should be a reason for collaboration in the family. It’s like a project that you can work on together every day. This new addition to the family gives you more reasons to bond together and set new milestones as you go.


However, to protect your dog, you will need some basic pet essentials. Here’s what you need to include in your pet protection essentials list.

Dog Identification

Once a new family member is in, it’s customary to give him a name. This is what you do with pet dogs as well. Protect your dog by giving your furry pet a name and identification to make it your own and ensure its safety in and out of your home. You can provide your pet with a personalized dog id by putting it on a collar with an ID tag that includes information about your pet dog as well as your contact information as owner. This should include your complete name, address, and telephone number.

Your pet dog could wander off and get lost somewhere. However, with an ID tag in place, you will have peace of mind that your pet dog will be returned safely. Another consideration would be to microchip your dog. This will ensure that you can still keep track of your pet dog even if it gets lost. Local animal shelter and veterinarian can easily scan the dog and recover contact information of pet owner. This will help your dog be returned home speedily and safely.

Electric Dog Fence

Make sure that your pet stays within the confines of the yard or your home with the use of an electronic pet confinement. This will help ensure that your pet dog stays within the allowed perimeter. Standard electric dog fences can secure area of around 25 acres. This is actually a dog training system that conditions your pet dog to stay within the system’s boundaries. When your dog gets near the boundaries, a warning tone is sent out on the receiver placed on your dog’s collar. If your pet dog continues to cross the boundaries, the receiver will emit a mild static shock designed to get your pet dog’s attention and to condition it that there are boundaries set. Nobody can see the electric dog fence, but the dog knows that there has been a limitation set. The electric shock is basically harmless but it is corrective of dog behavior.


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Pet Insurance

Aside from covering the basic day-to-day care of your pet dog, you also need to think of its future needs like emergency medical situations that need immediate medical treatment or surgery. You can avoid paying for expensive medical bills by getting pet insurance (We recommend Trupanion–they offered the best pet insurance in Maine). While some dog owners think that this is totally unnecessary – this is totally worth the price, especially with the high risks and fees associated to dog care and medical treatments. This does not just cover medical expenses but also liability insurance if your pet dog accidentally causes damage of limb or property and death or loss benefits in the event that your pet dies from illnesses.

Dog Collar or Harness

Your pet dog would need at least one collar to wear with dog license tags and identification. A flat collar is advisable for sheer comfort and durability. Make sure that the collar is a good fit to ensure comfort and safety at all times. You can check this if you are able to insert two fingers in between the collar and your pet dog’s neck. Another option is to use a dog harness. This is a popular alternative to collars because it reduces the incidence of the collar cutting through the neck due to incorrect fitting.


These basic dog essentials will help reduce the stress associated with having a dog around and just concentrate on the perks and joys of taking care of your pet canine. Making sure that your pet has a healthy and active lifestyle along with these protective basic essentials will help you gear up to becoming a loving and efficient pack leader.