GPS Dog Collars

There are 3 main concerns that keep dog owners up at night. First, how do I keep my dog safe? Second, how do I make sure I can always find my dog? Third, how can I do both whether I have a house dog or a hunter?

The GPS dog tracker collar gives you a chance to solve all three problems in one go, based on your need and preference. When it comes to comparing the best GPS pet collar on the market, there are many options to choose from. However, with this Quality Dog Fence rating system, you can compare your best options all in one easy-to-understand, easy to review comparison table. (Review summaries are found at the end.)

Product FeaturesTractive GPS Pet TrackerWhistle GPS Pet TrackerDogtra Bark Collar with GPS TrackerGarmin PT10 Dog Device
Product Imagetractive gps dog tracker reviewWhistle GPS Pet TrackerDogtra Bark CollarGarmin PT10 Dog Device
Quality ReviewQuality Review on the Tractive GPS Pet TrackerQuality Review on the Whistle GPS Pet TrackerQuality Review on the Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS TrackerQuality Review on the Garmin PT10 Dog Device
Quality Rating
Safe ZoneSet via mobile app150-200 feet9 miles1 mile
Number of Dogs Supported1 dogUnlimited dogs21 dogs3-6 dogs
Dog Size RangeFor dogs over 9 lbs. (4.5 kgs)
For dogs over 15 lbs. (6.8 kgs)For dogs over 35 lbs. (15.9 kgs)For dogs over 35 lbs. (15.9 kgs)
Bark Collar FunctionNoNoYesYes
Correction LevelsN/AN/A1-100Progressive, up to 18
Audible Warning ToneN/AN/AYesYes
Collar BatteriesRechargeableRechargeableRechargeableRechargeable/ Replaceable
Water Resistance100% Waterproof100% Waterproof100% Waterproof100% Waterproof
Enables Live-trackingYesYesYesN/A
Mobile appYesYesYesN/A
Service ChargeYesYesNoN/A
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Why Should I Invest in a GPS Dog Collar?

4 million dogs are lost and then found every year. Another 4 million dogs are lost, brought to a shelter, and never claimed. Another 2 million dogs go lost without being found or reported by a shelter. This brings the total to 10 million dogs lost every year out of the 80 million dogs in America, and 6 million are never found by their owners.

The GPS dog tracker is one way to make sure that your dog always finds its way back to you, or that you can track your dogs wherever they are. This is especially important for hunter dogs. With the built-in bark collar in some of these models, you can safely keep your dogs with you even in your apartment, and not fear to lose them.

Why Go with a GPS Dog Fence?

While the wireless and in-ground fences are perfect for keeping your dog in your home boundary, it’s another thing altogether if the fence happens to be off during an electricity failure. In other cases, a spooked dog can even ignore static correction and keep running, if scared enough. A GPS dog fence (depending on the model) takes care of that problem.

You can Track your Dog Anywhere, Anytime

gps dog trackerDepending on the model (see comparison chart), you will be able to find your dogs no matter where they are. You can either track them on a transmitter, or through a mobile app. A microchip built into the collar or in a clip-on sensor enables you to make sure you will be able to find your dogs, whether they run off in the city, in a rural area, or while hunting.

In fact, certain GPS pet collars have built-in LED lights, so you can find them easily even in the dark. The greater advantage, however, is that vehicles will be able to see them, and you can worry less about the safety of your dog if he takes the road at a run.

GPS dog trackers use either cell or internet infrastructure for the collars and receivers to communicate, so you can use them wherever there is signal. For some of the collars, the cell service even has tie-ups with cell service providers in other countries, so if you’re planning to bring your dogs with you somewhere, you can still use the GPS dog collar services.

The GPS Pet Fence can Act as a Wireless Dog Fence

With the same proper training as the wireless dog fence requires, the GPS dog fence can act the same way as a wireless one. Even better, depending on the style of the GPS dog tracker, it can be clipped on to your regular wireless dog collar. You will be able to track your dogs the moment they step out of the designated safe zone.

However, the GPS pet collar is not meant to replace the wireless dog fence. Primarily, it is designed so that you can track down your dogs even if they slip the leash or escape the fence. Based on your need, the pet fence is easy to set-up, and extremely portable, whether through transmitter or mobile app.

If your wireless dog fence or inground dog fence handles multiple dogs, most GPS dog collars can do the same. One transmitter or one mobile app can usually handle more than one dog. That way, getting one program and multiple gps dog tracker units will be very practical for you as a dog-lover.

What can I Expect from a GPS Dog Tracker?

Most importantly, you will be able to find your dogs no matter what happens or wherever they go. In addition, having a GPS tracker on your dog gives you the confidence to train your dogs in the way they should go, whether at home, in the neighborhood, or in the field. The GPS dog collar is a good investment practically any time, but there are always pros and cons.

pros and cons of gps dog collar

Pros of a GPS Dog Collar

Depending on the model, the GPS pet tracker is designed to be easily brought with you anywhere, through a mobile app, using cell infrastructure or the internet. The mobile app sends you live notifications whenever your dog steps out of the safe zone, and you can even check on your dog’s position in the middle of the day if you’re worried.

Because the makers of the GPS dog fence assume the dogs might get lost and run through sprinklers, rain, mud, and puddles, all of the collars are designed to be waterproof. The most  hardy collars and clip-on sensors can be submerged in water up to 14 meters deep without harm.  Our recommendations are all water-resistant.

Some models of the GPS dog collar even have a bark collar function, to get your hunter or house dog used to not barking whenever they feel like it. It accustoms the dogs to responding to static correction, and keeps them better behaved and harder to spook as you prove to them they don’t need to bark without intruder contact.

Cons of a GPS Dog Collar

As a general rule, a GPS dog tracker is made only for larger dogs. This is because the collar unit itself tends to be slightly heavy and rather bulky for small dogs. If you have smaller dogs, it might be better to choose a different kind of pet tracker, or stick to the wireless or in-ground fences.

GPS dog collars are dependent on internet and cell infrastructure, especially if they are linked to your smartphone. If you have hunter dogs, or regularly take them out camping, there is a possibility that you may run into a blind spot. Of course, depending on the model, the quickest thing to do would be to find a place with signal, and track your dog as soon as possible.

To have the GPS service constantly on, certain models have a service charge for the mobile app to work effectively. (Please see the comparison chart and GPS dog fence reviews for more details.) However, it’s very easy to subscribe, and usually you can do it straight through the app itself. The best part is you will be sure of notifications 24/7.

The GPS pet trackers were designed for dog lovers who regularly take their dogs out into the neighborhood, out camping, or out for hunting. There is always a risk when it comes to bringing dogs out with a virtual leash, and even though we recommend only the best, the risk is only minimized, not removed.

GPS Dog Fence vis-á-vis Wireless and In-ground Fences

In many ways, the GPS pet fence is a great addition to your wireless and in-ground fences. However, to decide whether or not to use one or combine two, let us look at the pros and cons of the wireless and in-ground fences, compared to the GPS pet collar.

dog fence vs dog collar

Pros of the Wireless and In-ground Dog Fences

Both the wireless and in-ground dog fences are designed to safely contain your dog, even in a non-fence environment. With proper training, the levels of static correction work to keep your dog in the yard for general play and exercise, even when you are not watching.

Even more than that, the in-ground fence has a perfectly customizable boundary, meaning you can fit it perfectly to your yard shape. On the other hand, the advantage of the wireless fence is that you can bring it and set it up anywhere, since it is designed to be portable. While the GPS dog fence may serve the double-purpose of a wireless fence, that is not its primary purpose.

If you do not need to be outside too often, or you do not regularly or as a general rule bring your dogs out on a run or on a hunt, the wireless or in-ground fence might be perfect for you. As your dog understands and defines his or her boundaries, your dog will get used to staying inside the safe space, and you can relax at home while your dog plays and exercises.

Cons of the Wireless and In-ground Dog Fences

The simplest cons of the wireless and in-ground dog fences is that the wireless dog fence can have a wide boundary blur (gray area in which the dog’s collar can begin correction), and that the in-ground dog fence is not portable. Compared to the GPS pet tracker, they are more fit to homeowner and neighborhood use.

Unlike the GPS dog collar, the wireless and in-ground dog fences do not update you day or night about your dog’s status, if you are outside of the house. Usually these non-traditional fences only alert the transmitter inside the house. Having the GPS dog tracker, depending on the model you use, you can always know where your dogs are.

However, the focuses and primary functions of the GPS dog fence and the wireless and in-ground dog fences are different. The comparison tables should give you an idea of what kind of fence or collar best fits you and your dogs’ needs.

Best GPS Dog Collar Review Summaries

The full product reviews are more detailed and tell you more about how to pick the perfect GPS dog fence for your dog. These summaries only give you a taste of the unique features of each in-ground dog fence, and how they are best used.

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is one of the most user-friendly GPS pet collars. Designed for pets 9 pounds and above, this tracker is both waterproof and night-friendly. The collar is activated by a free mobile app, which runs 24/7 with a minimum monthly service charge on cell phone infrastructure. This enables live-tracking with free SMS alerts, and a Safe Zone you can set with the app. There is also a web browser option for emergencies. Additional details include rechargeable batteries and a clip-on GPS tracker.

tractive gps dog tracker review

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The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

The Whistle GPS pet collar is perfect for your family of multiple dogs, as long as you have additional collar units and add the mobile service charge. The GPS-powered collar connects to a free mobile app, so you can track your dog in real-time, and get free SMS alerts. This unique model allows you to track your dog’s health needs and vet appointments. Since the collars are linked to a base transmitter, the collar batteries last up to 10 days without charging. Other details include rechargeable batteries and a clip-on GPS tracker.

Whistle GPS dog tracker review

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The Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS Tracker

The Dogtra Pathfinder is a perfect GPS dog collar for you and your large hunting or even household dogs. Designed as a bark collar, with proper training you won’t be getting any more complaints from neighbors or landlords about the size of your dog. The static correction levels are from 1 to 100, and they kick in when your dog leaves the designated safe zone. A smartphone with no service charge enables you to track all 1 to 21 dogs at the same time, and uses offline maps to help you always know where they are.  

Dogtra GPS Dog Tracker

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The Garmin PT10 Dog Device

The Garmin PT10 dog collar is perfect for your family of large household dogs. Designed primarily as a bark collar trainer, it has progressive static correction of up to 18 levels. The battery life can last up to 60 hours without recharging or replacing. Even better, the collar has an LED light you can activate just by toggling a switch on the transmitter. If your dog decides to take a run without you, you can worry less about vehicles on the road, and about finding him in the dark. With the bark collar function, this device is your key to keeping your large household dog safely with you.

Garmin PT10 Dog Device

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