Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS Tracker Review

Keeping your dog safe is a challenge, especially if you have hunting or trekking dogs. The Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS Tracker helps make sure that your dog is always within a certain range of you, and at the same time you need to be able to find them no matter where they go. It takes an optimal collar to keep those kinds of dogs safe when outdoors.

There’s also another concern with big dogs, domestic or hunting–they tend to have large and loud voices. This might scare off game, or at the very least make it awkward with your landlord. With proper training, the Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS Tracker may be just what you need to keep your dog safe.

Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS TrackerDogtra Bark Collar with GPS Tracker: Made for You and Your Dogs

This Dogtra collar review looks at the fitness of the model for you and your dogs.

Works best for dogs 35 pounds (15.9 kilograms) and heavier? Check.

The Dogtra bark collar with a GPS tracker is made for dogs who are 35 pounds (15.9 kilograms) heavy, or even larger. It works best for your hunting or large domestic dogs.

Works for Multiple Pets? Check.

The mobile app and GPS Connector can track up to 21 hunters or domestic dogs at a time. All you need is the Dogtra bark collar with the GPS tracker, the mobile app, and the GPS connector.

Has Long Battery Life? Check.

When on standby, or as long as the dog is within the Geo-Zone, the Dogtra dog collar will last up to 34 hours. Since it is designed for the field, the time range should be more than adequate. Moderate use reduces the battery life to around 20 hours.

Waterproof? Check.

Made for intense outdoor use, the Dogtra collar is fully waterproof. The instructions even suggest rinsing the unit in clean water when necessary.

Has a Bark Training Function on the Collar

In this part of the Dogtra collar review, we will look at how well the collar can manage your dog’s barking.

Has Extendable Contact Points? Check.

Since the Dogtra bark collar is made for large hunter dogs, the collar comes with extendable contact points. The contact points may be extended from 5/8 inches to 3/8 inches.

Has Nick and Constant Stimulation? Check.

The stimulation kicks in when your dogs start barking, or when they leave the Geo-Zone. You can set it to nick or constant stimulation. The stimulation levels are from 1 to 100.

Has an Audible Warning Tone? Check.

To make sure your dog gets proper warning when they leave the Geo-Zone, an audible beep will warn them when they have left it. If they do not return, the stimulation will start.

The Dogtra Bark Collar Uses High-Tech Prevention and Tracking Systems

In this part of the Dogtra dog collar review, we will look at how well the tracker can keep your dogs safe.

Dogtra Bark Collar

Can Set a Geo-zone? Check.

The Dogtra GPS Connector enables you to set your desired range for your dogs, up to 9 miles in range. Beyond this Geo-Zone, the GPS will kick into life to track them.

Enables GPS Live-Tracking? Check.

The smartphone app accesses Google Maps to give a constant satellite feed on the dogs. It also has 2-second update and zoom functions. It even has an offline map mode that you can use, so loss of internet will be no problem.

Does the Dogtra GPS Dog Tracker Work with Smartphones?

This Dogtra bark collar and tracker makes sure you can easily find your dog with your smartphone.

Dogtra GPS Dog Tracker

Has a Free Mobile App? Check.

The Dogtra collar mobile app is compatible with iOS 8.1 and above, and Android 4.3 and above. It can function on the iPhone 5 and higher, and on the iPad Generation 3 and higher. It is also optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and higher, for the Galaxy Note 2 and higher, and for LG G3. There is no service charge for use of the app.

Sends Alerts to Your Phone? Check.

You will automatically receive alerts when the dog enters or leaves the Geo-Zone, or when there is low battery in a Dogtra collar or in the connector. To receive alerts on a specific dog, select the dog’s icon on your smartphone app.

Some Model Details for the Dogtra Bark Collar with GPS Tracker

Do You Prefer Rechargeable Batteries?

To be fully charged, the batteries need to charge for 3.5 hours. If you plan to keep them for extended lengths of time, fully charge them once every 2 months.

Do you Prefer a Full Bark Collar and GPS Tracker?

The Dogtra bark collar with GPS tracker is stand-alone, and cannot be used with your dogs’ existing collars. It is ideal for limited daily outdoor use.

2-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Dogtra dog collar and GPS Connector come with an automatic 2-year limited lifetime warranty.

If this meets your checklist, this Dogtra bark collar with GPS tracker is perfect for you and your dogs’ needs.