Garmin PT10 Dog Device

It is sometimes hard to find a good bark collar that fits your dogs both for hunting and in dark neighborhoods. However, Garmin has finally put together a collar that merges the hunter’s training collar and the domestic pet owner’s bark collar in one. With the needed training, the Garmin PT 10 provides a good 2-in-1 collar that works for both active and domestic pets.

The Garmin PT 10 fits the Garmin PRO 550 and PRO 70, both handheld transmitting devices. They are perfect for training, hunting, and simply taking your dog out for a walk, run, or bike, and handle multiple dogs with switches on the transmitter. It even has a bark limiter function, making it one of the most ideal collars for both neighborhood and outdoor use.

Garmin PT10 Dog Device

The Garmin PT10: Made for You and Your Dogs

This Garmin dog collar review looks at the fitness of the model for you and your dogs.

Works best for dogs 35 pounds (15.9 kilograms) and heavier? Check.

This Garmin dog tracker works best for dogs who are 35 pounds or 15.9 kilograms heavy; in other words, it’s perfect for your medium- or large-sized dog. Since larger dogs can cover the greater distance when they get loose, this collar makes sure you’ll be able to get them back easily. The strap can accommodate up to a 24-inch neck, so don’t worry about size!

Works for Multiple Pets? Check.

Taking out more than one medium or large dog at a time will no longer be a headache with the Garmin dog tracker. One PRO 550 can train or hold 3 dogs simultaneously; the PRO 70 can hold 6 dogs at the same time. The Garmin collar gives you the flexibility to handle more dogs by yourself than before.

Has Long Battery Life? Check.

The Garmin dog collar has full-use battery life for 2 and 1/2 whole days, or roughly 60 hours of battery life. This is perfect if you happen to be using the units on a camping or trekking trip. You will also not need to worry about the batteries within the day, if you happen to be unable to charge them immediately.

Waterproof? Check.

The Garmin electronic dog collar boasts a waterproof unit, guarding it against rain, dew, sprinklers, and puddles. It can resist pressure in up to 14 meters of static water. However, it should not hit water with force, as much as possible, to prevent the casing from breaking and leaking.

Easy to Find in the Dark? Check.

If your dog does choose to run off with the collar on in the dark, simply toggle a switch on the transmitter, and remote-controlled LED beacon lights will flash out. More than just a way for you to find him, it will help cars to see your dogs up to a 100 yards away. You will no longer have to worry about vehicles on the road while you are finding your dogs.

Has a Bark Limiting Function on the Collar? Check.

The Garmin PT10 dog device has a bark-limiting function on the collar, so precious to your apartment or neighborhood. The limiter can be turned on or off as needed, so if your dog is there for security you do not need to turn it on. You can easily make sure it is on or off by checking the collar: a blue light means on, a green light means off.

Has long contact points? Check.

The Garmin dog collar has removable, stainless steel, insulated points to guard against rain or lightning. Because the dogs are usually medium or large in size, the contact points are long enough to nestle under the thickest dog hair.

Has Progressive Static Correction? Check.

Static correction kicks in whenever the dogs have left the safe zone, to remind them they have gone too far. It boasts 18 levels of static correction, so that the dogs may never be corrected beyond what is necessary for them to obey. The corrections are designed for the medium or large dogs they accommodate.

Vibration and Audible Tone? Check

To provide an extra level of warning during training, the PRO 550 handheld transmitter also commands the collar to vibrate in warning. On the other hand, each warning system comes with an audible tone warning that sounds before static correction is administered. That way, the dog has a chance to obey before being corrected.

The Garmin PT10 Uses a Simple Prevention System

In this part of the Garmin dog tracker review, we will look at how well the tracker can keep your dogs safe.

Can Set a Safe-zone? Check.

The PRO 70 or PRO 550 can set a safe-zone of 1 mile for your dogs to roam around in. The transmitter operates at 27 megahertz frequency. It operates much like a mobile invisible fence, and is also perfect when you are out training your dogs.

However, the Garmin PT10 dog device does not have a mobile smartphone app or gps tracker that can help you find where your dogs are. The Garmin devices are best used when you are present with the dogs, so you can train them to move with you and so they can easily be found if they run off.

Some Model Details of the Garmin PT10

Do You Prefer Replaceable/Rechargeable Batteries?

The batteries are lithium-ion, and can be charged directly through a usb port on the unit. It takes 2 hours to fully recharge it. There is a battery-life indicator on the collar that lets you know if it needs charging. Being light and easy to find, the batteries may be replaced or recharged at will or as needed.

Do you Prefer a Full Bark Collar?

The Garmin dog collar is stand-alone, and cannot be used with your dogs’ existing collars. It is ideal for limited daily outdoor use. Because many dogs can be supported with the transmitter unit, it is best to get the Garmin PT10 with multiple units and uses in mind.

Do you Want a 2-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty?

For the price, the Garmin PT10 comes with a 2-Year Limited Lifetime warranty, which will help you to maximize the use of your units and ensure their quality. It also gives you ample time to get to know your knew collar and transmitter.


If our checklists match, the the Garmin PT10 dog device is definitely meant for you.