Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

Keeping your dog safe doesn’t stop with the best wireless dog fence or the best in-ground dog fence. What if your dog slips off his leash while you’re walking him or her, or jumps out of the car suddenly during a drive? Keeping your dog safe means not being afraid to lose him or her, no matter where your dog might go.

It means making sure you can track your dog almost anywhere, and make sure you can bring him or her home at any time. In this review of the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, let’s go through your requirements and find out if this model has what it takes to keep your dog safe.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker: Made for You and Your Dogs

This Whistle GPS pet tracker review looks at the fitness of the model for you and your dogs.

Works best for medium to large pets? Check.

The Whistle pet tracker is 4.2 inches long and 1.3 inches wide, weighing 0.08 pounds. This makes it slightly bulky for smaller dogs, since it is a clip-on tracker and not embedded inside a collar. It would probably be best to use for your medium- or large-sized dogs, although it would still work for the smaller members of your family.

Gives You Updates on Your Dog’s Health? Check.

Using the Whistle mobile app, you can set up tracking notifications for necessary medicine, vet appointments, and daily activity goals. This way, you make sure your dog doesn’t miss a single trip to the vet, or a single exercise run. Note: if you see on the packaging that the collar monitors your dog’s temperature, Whistle wisely removed that feature so the sun wouldn’t cause it to alarm.

Works for Multiple Pets? Check.

With something called a Whistle “charging base” always plugged in at the house, you can use multiple Whistle dog trackers for your home pack. Just buy the extra tracker units you need (this package comes with one tracker unit). This will save you a lot in the long run, if you have a family of multiple dogs. There is no limit to the dogs you can track.

Whistle GPS dog tracker review

Has 10-Day Battery Life? Check.

We didn’t tell you the best part about the charging base yet! It has a short-range radio connection to the dog tracker. As long as your dog is within the Whistle zone, the pet tracker saves battery by communicating with it. In that way, the tracker can last up to 10 days, and an independent reviewer even put it at 13.

You will no longer have to worry about losing your dog to low battery. As long as there is no extreme use of the GPS, the battery will take its time draining.

Dust- and Water-resistant? Check.

Dust and water are a concern, because the dog brings the dog tracker everywhere, and may be caught out in the rain or in a sprinkler. The Whistle dog tracker is IP67, which means it is fully dust-proof, and will not be harmed if submerged in up to 1 meter of water.

Uses High-Tech Prevention and Tracking Systems

In this part of the Whistle pet tracker review, we will look at how well the tracker can keep your dogs safe.

Can Set a Whistle Zone? Check.

The base charging station sets up an automatic safe zone,  or Whistle zone, that your dog must be inside at all times. The zone is 150-200 feet from the base charging station in all directions. Every 12 minutes, it checks if your dog is still within that zone. Active GPS tracking happens when the station checks and your dog is no longer there.

Enables GPS Live-Tracking? Check.

GPS live-tracking happens when the base station finds out that the Whistle pet tracker is no longer within the safe zone. Your dog will have wandered off for a maximum of 12 minutes, which isn’t enough time to run far. The tracking immediately shows you your dog’s live location and movements.

If you are somewhere new and you want to constantly know where your dog is, set the mobile app to Track, and you will get notifications every 3 minutes for 30 minutes. However, it causes battery drain, so try not to use it too often.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Works with GPS and Smartphones

This Whistle dog tracker review makes sure you can easily find your dog with your smartphone.

Uses GPS Infrastructure? Check.

To ensure as wide a coverage as possible, the Whistle pet tracker connects to 3G. This still makes it dependent on signal infrastructure, but the data can be sent quicker to the smartphone. For continual GPS service, there is a monthly, annual, and bi-annual plan so you can always be sure you will know where your dogs are.

Has a Free Mobile App? Check.

The Whistle dog tracker has a free mobile app that you can download to your Android or Apple smartphone. That app has the map for tracking your dog, and extra features so you can trace medication and exercise needs.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker review

Sends Alerts to Your Phone? Check.

Of course the most necessary notification you need is when your dog is out of the Whistle Zone. You can enable SMS messages, iOS push notifications, or emails. You will be sent the exact address of your dog if he or she (or they) is out. You can also choose to receive notifications on exercise needs, and you will be told if your dog’s tracker battery needs charging.

Some Model Details on the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Do You Prefer Rechargeable Batteries?

Each GPS tracker requires one Lithium ion battery, rechargeable. The great thing is that, with the short-wave radio connection of the base charging station, it will only need to be recharged once every 10 days, as long as nothing happened. Flashing lights on the collar itself tells you if the tracker is fully charged. Four flashes means it’s full. The notifications also make sure you know if it’s low battery.

Do you Prefer a Clip-On GPS Tracker?

This Whistle GPS pet tracker is made of a plastic clip and a rubber strap. The clip stays on the collar, so you can slip out the tracker itself and charge it on the charging station. This makes it easier to remove, easier to charge, and you won’t incur extra costs from a broken battery cover. This dog tracker is one of the most complete, and will definitely keep your dog safe. There is a reason that it is a #1 best-seller on Amazon!