How Much Is An Invisible or Electric Fence For Dogs

To keep your dog safe from accidents or getting lost, there’s nothing you won’t do. But, there are some things your wallet can’t do. If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’ve likely asked yourself: How much is an electric fence for dogs? The key to making the right investment in a good invisible or electric dog fence is being aware of your upfront cost and possible expenses that come with owning an electric dog fence.


How Much is a Wireless Fence System?

For a wireless system, expect to pay an average of $300 for a unit. These models include the receiver collar, boundary training flags, and usually a collar tester. The use of signal waves and the portable design makes the units well worth the price. It is also easy to set up: just plug in the transmitter, test the boundaries, and you’re good to go within two hours.

The maximum price of the PetSafe® PIF-300 is $260, while the lowest option for a secondhand unit is $210. The PIF-300 can be matched with additional transmitters for an infinitely expandable boundary, and can hold an unlimited number of dogs. However, it uses a PetSafe® RFA-67D 6-volt battery that lasts from 1-3 months, so budget around $8 monthly into your long-term plan.

The Havahart Radial-Shape wireless system costs a maximum of $300, and can go as low as $255 for a secondhand unit. However, with a transmitting range of up to 400 feet in radius, covering 11 acres of roaming space for your dog, it is the largest wireless fence. The batteries are rechargeable, and the package comes with two sets. The Havahart Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs is the same, except that the receiver collar has custom static correction settings for smaller breeds.


The Perimeter Technologies WiFi fence’s maximum price is $340, but it can go as low as $270 for secondhand units. It has 8 progressive static correction levels. Uniquely, it can be placed in a high spot to throw the signal over shrubs, obstacles, and bumpy ground. However, it has the widest signal fluctuation of the wireless options. It also uses rechargeable batteries that last from 5-7 days, and the transmitter has a battery backup in case of power loss.

How Much is an In-ground System Electric Fence System?

For the in-ground fences reviewed here, the average price is around $225. However, before you leap at the seemingly cheaper option, consider several things. First, none of the models use rechargeable batteries, so the cost will build up over the time you own the unit. Fence expansion also requires additional wire spools at $20-90, depending on the wire gauge.

Second, unless you have a surge protector for your transmitter, lightning surges may damage your wires. These cost anywhere from $30-50. Third, for professional installation, be prepared to pay anything from $800 to more than $2000, depending on location. If you get a professional installer from the manufacturer, expect to pay a fee well over $1000. This is only the initial set-up, which can take up to two days. You will also need them for fixing wire damages.

The Innotek® SD-2000 in-ground fence is the best option for the price of $200 at most, with a secondhand option at around $180. It has one level of progressive static correction, effective on average-size dogs. It also can only enclose ⅓ acre of space, but can hold an unlimited number of dogs. Its batteries are replaceable, 6-volt alkaline batteries at roughly $9 each.



The Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence can be found for around $240, but starts at $145 for secondhand units. The progressive static correction is safe for dogs as small as 5 pounds, and its four levels are all at lower intensities for the size. It can be expanded from ⅓ acre to 25, and holds an unlimited number of dogs. It uses 3-volt alkaline batteries, the PetSafe® RFA-118, at $11.50 each, lasting an average of one month.

The PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-ground Fence, PIG00-10777 is priced at $230, but some options start at $195. It works best for dogs over 20-50 pounds, has a vibration-only mode for dogs hard of hearing, and has 4 levels of higher-intensity progressive static correction designed to get the attention of the most hardheaded dogs. It can cover ⅓ to 25 acres of space, and contain an unlimited number of dogs. It uses a PetSafe® 9-volt alkaline battery, around $6 each.

Quality Dog Fence Recommendation

Investing wisely in a good invisible or electric dog fence requires studying the upfront and long-term expenses you will face. Looking at it practically, the wireless dog fences give the best option for set-up time and long-term cost. The in-ground fence is initially cheaper, but the installation and maintenance costs may be heavier than expected. When it comes to how much an electric fence cost for your dog, it sometimes is hard to crunch the numbers, but it is a must to protect our loved ones. 


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