Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence Review

So you want to know if the Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence has what it takes to keep your dog safe? Let’s go through your requirements and see if this model meets them. With this comprehensive Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence review, you should be able to determine if the Elite Little Dog In-ground dog fence is the perfect fence to protect your beloved household pet.

If you are looking for an in-ground fence specifically designed for the comfort and safety of small dogs, you are probably looking for the Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence.


Let’s go through your needs and see if this model meets them.

1-day set-up? Check.

The Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence is extremely easy to install. PetSafe® designed the outside covering to be tough, for underground and outdoor conditions. The wire only needs to be embedded about an inch into the ground, or held down with wire staples. This gives the Elite fence an edge over other in-ground fences, as the problems with installation and repair are lessened. Reviewers say the fence can be set up in two or three hours.

Good for small-to-standard yards? Check.

All dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Some breeds, such as Jack Russell terriers, need a lot more than that. The rule of thumb is this: if your dog is pacing aimlessly, or trying to engage you in a game, then he needs attention and exercise. Unfortunately, due to work or household chores or tiredness, you might not be able to give your pup what he needs.

The 500 feet of 20-gauge in-ground wire included in the package encloses around ⅓ of an acre. This is more than enough space for your small dog to work off steam. You can take time off later to play fetch or walk him around the block. The important thing is that you no longer need to worry about your dog’s health or exercise.

For dogs over 5 pounds in weight? Check.

The disadvantage of the Havahart Radial Wireless System for Small Dogs is that it is still designed for dogs over 8 pounds in weight. Finally, the Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence is both an invisible and electric fence designed to be worn by dogs as small as 5 pounds in weight.

When you have a small dog, choosing a custom-made electric fence will always be better than getting one designed for generic sizes. Small dogs are more excitable or more timid than big dogs, and static correction not adjusted to their size might over-excite or scare them. The Elite fence is adjusted, from collar receiver weight to levels of static correction, with your small dog’s comfort and safety in mind.

For a neck size between 6 and 16 inches? Check.

To preserve its lightweight design, the Elite fence receiver collar is a strip of nylon that fits around a small dog’s neck of between 6 and 16 inches. Collar size is incredibly important, because if the probes are not touching the dog’s skin, he won’t feel the static correction.



The collar has to be snug enough that only two fingers laid flat can be slipped between collar and skin. With this collar, you no longer need to worry about your dog not responding to the correction. Even better, the nylon collar is dark with a reflective strip that goes around the middle. If you are worried about losing sight of your pup at night, the bobbing strip will tell you exactly where he is.

Tone-only mode? Check.

The Elite fence receiver-collar is equipped with a tone-only mode for training. That way, you can train your dog to pay attention to the warning beeps and obey them immediately. The static correction should not be used too early in the training cycle, or the dog might become fearful and need to be trained out of that attitude before he can experience freedom with the electric fence.

Multiple levels of static correction? Check.

In addition to the tone-only training mode, the Elite fence has four levels of static correction (1 being the lowest). Even more importantly, each of these four levels is custom-designed for small dogs. You no longer need to worry that the intervals between levels of static correction are too wide apart to be adjusted properly for your small dog.



Even the highest setting is custom-designed so that your small dog does not get more correction than is needed to surprise him out of his bad behavior (in this case running outside the boundary).

Progressive static correction? Check.

An additional feature to the Elite fence is that besides multiple levels of static correction, it also has progressive static correction. After the dog hears the warning beep and continues to run towards the fence, the static correction will begin right as he passes the boundary and increase in intensity until the dog responds by returning to the boundary. This places three safety warnings for your dog: first the warning beep, and then the initial static correction (set by you), and then progressive static correction to make sure that the dog cannot ignore the correction.

Does not over-correct the dog? Check.

The static correction will only run for 30 seconds, or until the dog is back in the boundary. That way, you are assured that your small dog is in no risk of skin irritation or over-correction. Also, if your dog goes past the warning beep and does not return to the safe zone, after 2 seconds he is given a quick static correction, just to remind him he is over his bounds. This should be all the reminder he needs to stay in his safe zone.

An expandable boundary? Check.

The package comes with 500 feet of wire covering a ⅓ acre area. However, the transmitter can support up to ten times the length of wire (5,000 feet), to cover 25 acres if need be. Although most small dog owners do not need that much space for their dogs, it might be helpful if you have several breeds of dogs in one fence, some of them bigger, or if your kennels are in another building, not your house.

Contains an unlimited number of dogs? Check.

PetSafe® does not disappoint in this regard. Like the PetSafe® PIF-300, all you need are extra receiver collars, and all your dogs can be contained within this single fence. Simply buy the receiver collars appropriate to the size of each dog and set the static correction to the level that each dog needs. You need not worry about pulling up the fence and installing a new one when considering buying a new dog.

Weatherproof? Check.

The Elite fence receiver collar is reliably weatherproof, with no problems with rainy days or sprinklers. The material is sturdy and can even stand up to heavier rain showers or short periods of full immersion. If your small dog is one who can’t stay away from water, this is the ideal choice of fence.

The 500-foot wire is sturdy, but that does not mean it is unbreakable. Visual and audible warnings on the transmitter will warn you of a wire break if it occurs. A surge protector also protects your wire from any possible surges from lightning strikes.

Works for both short- and long-haired dogs? Check.

The probes included in the Elite fence package are only the ½ inch short-probes. The ¾ inch long-probes need to be ordered from PetSafe®. However, try the short probes to see if they work before ordering the long-probes.


Has a reasonable warranty? Check.

The Elite LIttle Dog In-ground fence has a return-and-replace warranty of an entire year. After that year, any replacements are charged at a discounted price, and shipping is free. Since the use of the fence can be tested at once, the warranty is reasonable for your needs.


Now it’s our turn to ask if the model will suit you.


Do you have a yard with a clear underground boundary?

Even if the Elite fence can easily be stapled to the ground, you might want to make sure that any work that needs to be done on any pipes or wires underground will not be interrupted by your electric fence. The best way is to research on the layout of any underground water tanks, wires, pipes, and other things you might run into as you set your dog fence. Once you have that settled, you are good to go.

Is there an outlet handy?

The transmitter attached to the wire is powered by an electrical cord to a power outlet. Before walking your desired boundary with the wire, make sure that the end is close to a power outlet. You don’t want to mark off your ⅓ acre only to discover that you can’t plug it in! Make sure that there is an outlet you can dedicate to the fence.

Is the boundary blur range acceptable?

Because this is an in-ground fence, the boundary blur will never go over 0.5 feet. You can also set the space between the boundary line and the warning line (where your dog hears the warning beep). It can be set anywhere from 1 to 12 feet, but 3-5 feet is the advisable range to give your dog maximum space to run around in.

Do you prefer replaceable batteries to rechargeable ones?

The Elite fence uses replaceable batteries that last around 2-4 months. They need to be bought from PetSafe® and are rather expensive, which is a count against PetSafe®. The batteries can be replaced by generic rechargeable batteries, but they may not work as satisfactorily, and may damage the receiver collar. Given the pros and cons, investing in extra batteries and checking on the battery level once a month is a small price to pay for the gains.



If our checklists match, then the Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence is just what you need to keep your dog safe.