Innotek® SD-2000 Basic Fence Review

So you want to know if the Innotek® SD-2000 Basic Fence has what it takes to keep your dog safe? Let’s go through your requirements and see if this model meets them. With this comprehensive Innotek® SD-2000 dog fence review, you should be able to determine if the Innotek® SD-2000 dog fence is the perfect fence to protect your beloved household pet.

If you need a cheaper in-ground fence that still has the same level of reliability as a pricier one, you are probably looking into the Innotek® SD-2000.

Let’s go through your needs and see if this model meets them.

1-2 day set-up? Check.

Like all in-ground fences, the Innotek® SD-2000 requires some time to set up, within 1-2 days. Since this fence is only 500 feet, a day’s steady work could probably have it ready. A weekend would be more than enough.

Good for small-to-standard yards? Check.

500 feet of wire encloses roughly ⅓ of an acre. This is smaller even than the reach of the wireless PetSafe® PIF-300 (½ acre). If your yard is small, or if you only want your dog to stay in a corner of a wider yard, the Innotek® SD-2000 has the perfect range.


For dogs over 10 pounds in weight? Check.

The Innotek® SD-2000 was designed for dogs over 8 lbs., but it works best on dogs heavier than 10 lbs. The single-setting static correction requires that the dog be as close to average in weight and height for the collar to work properly.

For a neck size between 8 and 21 inches? Check.

True to form, the collar receiver is designed for the average dog, meaning that any dog with a neck size smaller than 8 inches or larger than 21 inches will not work well with the Innotek® SD-2000. The design of the collar length is such that the collar will not be used on too-small dogs, who might be overly affected by the static correction. It will also not be used on too-large dogs, who might not pay attention to the static correction at all.

Tone-only mode? Check.

Despite having only a single level of static correction, there is also a tone-only mode for training. The dog learns how to respond to the warning beep and stop before static correction is given. This model also lets you set how far away the dog has to be from the fence before he hears the warning beep, so you can decide to your own satisfaction how near you want him to the fence.



Progressive static correction? Check.

The good thing about the Innotek® SD-2000 is that although the static correction has only one setting, the correction is progressive. In other words, the correction level increases the closer he gets to the boundary if he continues forward even after the warning beep. Your dog can only go as far as it is comfortable for him to go, before returning back. If trained properly to understand that going over the fence is wrong, he will not suffer trauma from being corrected when he knew he was wrong.

Does not over-correct the dog? Check.

The Innotek® SD-2000 automatically halts the static correction after 60 seconds. It is highly unlikely that a dog will deliberately suffer 60 seconds of progressive static correction, so your dog, unless superlatively stubborn, will only be corrected as long as he has crossed over the boundary.

An expandable boundary? Check.

The wire can be expanded up to 2000 feet to cover 5 acres of play space, should you need it. You simply need to purchase wire and connectors from Innotek® or any pet store or department store that stocks those wires.


Contains an unlimited number of dogs? Check.

One of the best things about the Innotek® SD-2000 is that as long as every dog has its own receiver collar, you can have as many dogs as you like within the system. The best thing would be to make sure that they are all roughly the same size and temperament, for the fence to work best.

Weatherproof? Check.

A little rain or a sudden, drenching shower won’t hurt your receiver collar. However, if you have a water-loving dog such as a retriever, the collar will not stand up to full immersion. Make sure that your dog is not near a place where the collar can get thoroughly drenched.

Works for both short- and long-haired dogs? Check.

The package comes with electric probes for both short- and long-haired dogs, so you don’t need to worry about your dogs’ hair length. You will be able to accommodate any dog you have properly in the system.

Has a reasonable warranty? Check.

There is a 90-day return warranty on all replaced parts, and only the service charge is paid on any parts ordered for one year. That is reasonable enough to ensure a well-working in-ground fence.


Now it’s our turn to ask if the model will suit you.


Do you have a yard with a clear underground boundary?

So that you can install your in-ground fence with as little fuss and problems as possible, you should check if your underground is as clear as it seems on the surface. Research on where your water pipes are, where there are other possible underground obstructions you might run into that come with a house. Once you’ve outlined where it is safest to place the wire, then you are ready to install the Innotek® SD-2000.

Is there an outlet handy?

The wires loop back around to something that resembles the wireless transmitter. The wires need to be plugged in so that the fence can communicate with the collar receiver, so place the transmitter as close to a power outlet as possible.


Is the boundary blur range acceptable?

The best thing about an in-ground fence is that the boundary blur range is always negligible. On average the fluctuation should be within 0.5 feet, and the Innotek® has a stable range.

Do you prefer replaceable batteries to rechargeable ones?

The Innotek® SD-2000 uses replaceable batteries instead of rechargeable ones. The good thing is that they use 3V batteries that can be bought at any regular store. They also last an average of 2-3 months, which is better than the PetSafe® PIF-300’s 1-3 months.

If our checklists match, then the Innotek® SD-2000 is just what you need to keep your dog safe.