Music for Dogs? Play Guitar for a Calmer Pet!

Guitar music for dogs is one of the styles that makes for a happy pet.

Guitar music for dogs is one of the styles that makes for a happy pet.

Studies show music for dogs can be beneficial

Here are Quality Dog Fence, we love music, so we started asking the question whether dogs like music or not.  And, if so, is there a particular kind of music for dogs which they enjoy  Well, just like people, we learned many dogs do enjoy music…all kinds of music…classical, reggae, soft rock, piano, and even guitar music.

According to the Washington Post, in a study conducted with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, researchers played playlists from five genres of music to shelter dogs. Dogs heard classical music on one day; grooved to soft rock, reggae, pop and Motown on others. As the dogs listened to music, the researchers recorded the dogs’ heart rates, cortisol levels and other behaviors like barking and lying down.  These are all measures  stress. They also took these measurements on days without music as a basis for comparison.

Additional Studies Show Calmer Dogs

At the Canine Behavior Centre in Queen’s University in 2002, Professor Deborah L. Wells and her colleagues performed research regarding dogs and music. In addition to differing styles, they also experimented with different environments (shelters, home, clinics, etc.). Her work demonstrated that dogs, like humans, have emotional responses to music. Listening to Metallica, a heavy metal band caused them to stand up and bark more frequently. Pop music and recording human conversations, however,  didn’t make any discernible difference. But when the dogs heard classical music, they became more relaxed.

Some time later, music producer  Joshua Leeds conducted a study of his own (with his company, BioAcoustic Research & Development) inspired by Wells’ results. Two fo his studies in 2004 and 2005 used 150 dogs and two types of music: classical and a specialized genre of classical which incorporated characteristics dogs were shown to favor in previous research: solo instruments and soothing tempos. Over 70 percent of the observed dogs in kennels and 85 percent of dogs at home became much more relaxed upon hearing the dog-specific classical music.

Learn to Play Guitar and Increase Enjoyment With Your Dog

Although more study may be needed, the results make a compelling case for using music as a way to calm dogs in some cases. So, while you are at it, check out this YouTube video.  You’ll see what we mean about guitar music for dogs! And, if you want to be a hero to your furry friend, go to a site like ProLessons, and learn to play the guitar online.  You can then spend your evenings serenading your best friend.  Or spend some time and learn to play the piano or some other instrument.  Its a small price to pay to return some of the love you receive from your dog.