New Year’s Resolution: Dog Digging Solutions

It’s 2017. It is a New Year. That means it is time to set New Year’s Resolutions–it is time to end some of those nasty habits. Unfortunately, there are some habits we can’t break for others. As much as we would love to tell Fido and Spot to quit their nasty digging habits, to “stop digging holes under the fence and trying to escape,” we can’t very well do that.  So, until we can do this, we have to come up with other options to stop dogs from digging under the fence and trying to venture out on their own.


There are a lot of reasons as to why this should be a top priority–mainly considering safety for your dog and avoiding liability due to dog bites. Here are two major pieces of advice for those trying to keep their dog on their on property this year.

Advice from the Humane Society

When looking at advice from the Humane Society, they recommend the following to preventing your dog from digging under your fence.

To keep your dog in your yard:

Bury chicken wire at the base of the fence. Be sure to roll the sharp edges away from your yard.
Place large rocks, partially buried, along the bottom of the fence line.
Bury the bottom of the fence 1 to 2 feet below the surface.
Place chain-link fencing on the ground (anchored to the bottom of the fence) to make it uncomfortable for your dog to walk near the fence.
For more detailed advice, read our instructions for keeping out burrowing wildlife.
Work with your dog on behavior modification to stop them escape efforts.

dog digging under fence

That sure seems like a lot of foolishness when there is such a simple answer. Before doing all that work, try the following…

Install an Electric or Wireless Dog Fence

Whenever people ask us: “What’s the best way to keep my dog from digging under my fence?,” we’ve always stood by the same answer–get an electric dog fence. For a few hundred dollars, you can add an extra layer of protection to your dog fencing options and make sure that your dog doesn’t dig out and escape any this year.

If you’ve got a relatively small yard, we recommend that you get a wireless dog fence. If you’ve got a larger yard, you’ll need an in-ground dog fence if you want your dog to have the entire yard to run around in.

Getting a wireless dog fence gives you the added option of having a portable dog fence to take with you when you travel.

An electric dog fence is a win-win for 2017 for you and your dog.