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New Year’s Resolution: Dog Digging Solutions

It’s 2017. It is a New Year. That means it is time to set New Year’s Resolutions–it is time to end some of those nasty habits. Unfortunately, there are some habits we can’t break for others. As much as we would love to tell Fido and Spot to quit their nasty digging habits, to “stop […]

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Top Fencing Options For Dogs

When it comes to the different fencing options for dogs, there are many thing to consider. Do you have the time to train your dog to his new fence? What are the costs associated with each each–are you looking for a cheap fence, inexpensive fencing or are you more considered with how the fence looks? […]

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Dog Safety Harness: Is It Important?

A whole lot of time and money is spent in designing cars for safety purposes. The bumpers are designed to crumple upon impact, absorbing shock. Seatbelts tighten abruptly when there are sudden stops. Airbags prevent head injuries and the possibility of being thrown through the windshield. However, some dog owners do not seem to realize […]

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A Trained Dog is a Safe Dog

Safety begins at home–a trained dog is a safe dog. Even before your pet steps out of the house or his cage, dog safety precautions should already be in place. No, we don’t mean that your dog should have five cage padlocks, ten collar tags, and a carry-around wire fence. What we mean is training. […]

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