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Best Electric Fence for Big Dogs

Despite their sizes, and the often unjustified fear of them that strangers have, many big dogs are best described as “gentle giants.” Depending on the breed, they may even be much less active than small- and medium-sized dogs, happy with a walk or two around the block before lazing around all day wrapped around a […]

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Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence Review

So you need a wireless dog fence system for a medium- to large-dog, with a roaming area bigger than the range but smaller than the . What’s that? Bumpy property and unpredictable power outages? And a lake on the property! You’re also the kind who needs to keep an eye on your dog, right? It […]

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Top 5 Best Invisible or Electric Fences By User Ratings

There are different kinds of invisible and electric dog fences. Some are more suited to specific needs than others. These are the 5 best electric fences as rated by purchasers on Amazon and Ebay. Each brand of invisible or electric dog fences have their own pros and cons, so select carefully the one that best keeps […]

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