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Traveling With Your Dog for the Holiday

As you travel with your loved ones for the holiday, for many of you, this may require you bring your pets. When it comes to traveling with you dog, there are many things that you need to do and bring with you when you travel. Here is our list to best prepare you for when […]

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The Best Wireless Dog Fences For Travel

There are three reasons that a dog simply takes off. First is opportunism, which is when a dog finds an open door, a broken fence, or a frayed leash, and decides that he must go off on an adventure. Second is wanderlust, due to overwhelming curiosity or powerful male instincts. Last is blind panic, when […]

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Best Electric Fence for Big Dogs

Despite their sizes, and the often unjustified fear of them that strangers have, many big dogs are best described as “gentle giants.” Depending on the breed, they may even be much less active than small- and medium-sized dogs, happy with a walk or two around the block before lazing around all day wrapped around a […]

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What is the Cost for An Invisible or Electric Fence For Dogs

What is the cost of an electric fence for dogs?  To keep your dog safe from accidents or getting lost, there’s nothing you won’t do. But, there are some things your wallet can’t do. If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’ve likely asked that question. The key to making the right investment in a […]

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Choosing the Best Invisible or Electric Fence for Small Dogs

You might think that an electric fence for small dogs are just another way for the manufacturing companies to rake in profits, but you couldn’t be more wrong. What you should know is that the reason for the existence of the special electric fence for small dogs is that they have special needs that cannot always be addressed […]

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