Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence Review

So you need a wireless dog fence system for a medium- to large-dog, with a roaming area bigger than the PetSafe® range but smaller than the Havahart. What’s that? Bumpy property and unpredictable power outages? And a lake on the property! You’re also the kind who needs to keep an eye on your dog, right? It sounds like you’re looking for the Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence.

With this comprehensive Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence review, you should be able to determine if the Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence is the perfect fence to protect your beloved household pet.



Quick set-up? Check.

Your medium-sized terrier or large retriever has been pacing the house restlessly, and you keep apologizing to them for missing a couple of walks here and there. While a large dog is less energetic and can be more forgiving, he still needs his space; and a medium dog has more energy than a zippy small one and needs those extra walks. The problem is, you don’t have the time.

Like any other wireless fence worth its salt, the Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence is basically a plug-and-play unit. Once your transmitter is plugged in, you can check the collar and set the boundaries, and you’ll be able to train within an hour. Your dog’s liberty can begin at once.

Good for standard- to medium-sized yards? Check.

A medium-sized dog needs a lot of running time, and your large breed, though lazier, would like his yard with more space. This model gives you a good option for either or both dogs. It has up to 2 ½ acres of roaming space, compared to ½ acre for the PetSafe® PIF-300. If you find the PetSafe® way too small and the Havahart Radial (with an 11-acre roaming space) too inefficient for your needs, then Perimeter Technologies has the perfect range.

Perimeter Wi-Fi Wireless Range

Portable? Check.

This model’s transmitter has found the happy medium of portability. It can be set down on any flat surface like the gallon-can PetSafe® transmitter, and it is much lighter. At the same time, it has the same alien-with-antennae basic design as the Havahart transmitter, and can just as easily be mounted on the wall. This makes it the most ideal to bring on road trips, at least if you are thinking of the most practical wireless transmitter.

For dogs over 10-20 pounds in weight? Check.

This model fits medium- and large-sized dogs because the technology is optimized to handle those. If you have smaller dogs, there is the Havahart Radial Wireless System for small dogs or the Elite Little Dog fence.

You won’t need to worry that the brand you got does not have a strong enough static correction for your large breed to take notice of. Since the static correction levels are optimized for those sizes, you will pick the perfect range for your dog’s correction.

For a neck size up to 26 inches? Check.

This model’s collar should fit most dogs who are 10-20 pounds and upwards. After adjusting the collar so that at least two fingers fit snugly between collar and skin, you can close it and cut off the excess nylon, or just enough so it won’t become a discomfort or distraction to your dog. Any bigger a dog, and you’ll want the PetSafe® PIF-300 system, which has a collar that fits 28-inch necks.

Tone-only mode? Check.

Level 0 is this model’s tone-only mode. It is the most recommended to use for training your dog, especially since beeping is the main correction and reminder method of this wireless fence, even more so than with other models. See the section on over-correction.

Multiple levels of static correction? Check.

This model has the most levels of static correction in all our comparison products. There are 8 static correction levels, 1 being the lowest. Compared to 4 for both the PetSafe® and the Havahart systems, this is perfect if you have a sensitive dog who needs something in between the traditional levels to respond properly.

However, the static correction is “progressive,” meaning that the closer the dog comes to the border, the stronger the correction gets. Theoretically, this should cut down on your dog running through the static correction, since the progression adds an extra element the more he runs.

Does not over-correct the dog? Check.

If you worry that half-a-minute of continuous correction time (such as the PetSafe® and Havahart systems have) hurts your dog, check and see if Perimeter Technologies has made a corrective system to your liking. When your dog crosses the boundary, there are three cycles of both static correction and beeping, at 15 seconds each.

When your dog returns to the roaming area, the static correction stops but the beeping continues until he is back within the boundary. Since the boundary wobble is actually the worst of all comparison products, this is a useful feature that ensures that your dog is not over-corrected.

Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Review


Contains up to 2 dogs? Check.

You might have been thinking of getting a new pal for your dalmatian or rottweiler, to keep him company while the family is away or busy. This model can support up to two collars, so you can easily have two dogs in the family.

This model uniquely comes with a digital screen that shows you where your dogs are at all times, so if you worry that two dogs can get up to more mischief than one, it will be fine. You can easily keep an eye on both of them.

Waterproof? Check.

Oh yes! One thing that makes Perimeter Technologies’ collars a clear stand out is that they are 100% waterproof, fully immersible without threat of damage. If there is a lake or backyard pool on your property you fear your water-loving retriever might dive-bomb, this model’s collar will suit him to perfection. Sprinklers, rain, or full immersion–you have nothing to fear from water with this collar on.

Works for both short- and long-haired dogs? Check.

This model comes with both short and long probes. Even better, these probes have optional metal-infused rubber tips. Your dog is guaranteed more comfort while wearing the collar than with any other model. If the probes don’t work because of the tips, if your dog’s skin is not sensitive, then it is easy to just pull off the rubber tips.

Has a reasonable warranty? Check.

Perimeter Technologies has the “limited lifetime warranty,” which basically means you get one whole year of products backed by the warranty, and then you only get charged for the labor for a lifetime. There is also a 30-day return period and full refund from the direct distributor.


Now it’s our turn to ask if the model will suit you.


Do you have a wide yard with a clear line of vision in every direction?

This requirement is standard for all wireless dog fence systems. The Perimeter Technologies system, like the Havahart, does not do well with trees or metal objects. However, because of the height placement of the transmitter, smaller objects such as shrubs do not have to be obstacles to the signal.

Is there a space in your house with a direct line of sight to the outside in many directions?

The best place for your transmitter would be a part of the house with several windows facing different directions. This ensures that your signal is as little interrupted as possible so that the system can work at an optimal level.

Is there an outlet handy?

This model needs to be somewhere near enough to a power outlet so it can be plugged in while you are using it. However, unique to the Perimeter Technologies system, it has a backup battery that rests in the transmitter body. At need, it can be activated for up to 8 hours.


Is there a high place where you can place the transmitter?

This model can be placed as high as the second floor, or as high on the first floor as it can go. Unlike the PetSafe® and Havahart models, the higher you place the transmitter, the better. It will not lose signal with the ground, due to the WiFi signal technology, and is an effective way to bypass the smaller obstacles such as shrubs or even house furniture.

Is your property flat or bumpy?

With this model, it doesn’t matter. Since you can place the transmitter as high as the second story, it should be high enough to cast a signal over rocks and bumps on the property. This is better than the PetSafe® and Havahart systems, which are usually stumped by bumpy properties. Take note though, if the slope of the property is too steep, even this model won’t be able to send a signal around or over it.

Is the boundary blur range acceptable?

Unfortunately, even though this model is comparatively excellent in many other ways, it fails terribly at the boundary blur. There is a 10 to 20 feet wobble so that your dog may play in one area at the moment, but the next time he wants to return to it, he hears the warning beep.

The signal has also been reported to randomly disappear (much as a WiFi signal would). The transmitter warns when the signal has disappeared, so accidents related to that may be minimized. The best approach would be to take extensive time to teach your dog to respond to the beep, and to stay closer within the inside boundary of the wireless fence.

Do you prefer rechargeable batteries to replaceable ones?

One consistently good report about this model is that the collar batteries can last from 5-7 days before needing recharging. A spare collar battery is included in the package. Both batteries can last for years if they are not overcharged.


If our checklists match, then the Perimeter Technologies Wi-Fi Wireless Fence is just what you need to keep your dog safe.